We Buy Houses Buffalo Now (WBHBN) is here to help all homeowners facing financial difficulties by making fast cash offers on their properties. Buffalo NY homeowners can receive cash funds in less than a week and the closing will be scheduled at a convenient time. Knowing this quick solution is available can remove an enormous burden from homeowners during turbulent times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Homeowners facing financing hardship have a range of options. But, a foreclosure will destroy a person’s credit rating, meaning they won’t be able to obtain another mortgage for years. Meanwhile, trying to sell a home via a conventional realtor will typically take more time than lenders allow. Not to mention the cost of property repairs, showings, and the relator’s commission can all deplete any remaining funds in a homeowner’s accounts.

Thankfully, other options are out there. WBHBN are the experts when it comes to foreclosure solutions in Buffalo NY. The company is home to a team of property experts and real estate investors who can help any homeowner whose dream home has become a liability.

The condition of the property is irrelevant and WBHBN will even buy homes from owners who are upside down on their mortgage loans. Buying a rundown home for an instant cash price with no delays and no fees for the seller is a service traditional real estate agents, discount brokers and lenders will struggle to compete with.

Selling a home to WBHBN is a hassle-free process. After contacting the us, a quick appointment will be scheduled to check the property fulfills the buying criteria. During the appointment, the homeowner will be given a no-obligation cash offer in writing. If they choose to accept the offer, the closing will take place at a reputable title company in Buffalo NY.

To learn more about selling a home fast in Buffalo NY contact WBHBN at (716) 259-2092.